Liu Wen, Li Xian, Yang Yang, Liu Haoran, and Gulinaza terminated their cooperation with Puma|ludo paytm cash game 2022-tiger vs dragon game real cash

Liu Wen, Li Xian, Yang Yang, Liu Haoran, and Gulinaza terminated their cooperation with Puma

It was reported on October 18 that at the Kuaishou Game Starlight Awards held in Suzhou, the KSG club officially announced that it will be settled in Suzhou. The KSG team will use Suzhou as the home ground to compete in the KPL league. This season, the Suzhou KSG team has already started to play in the KPL league. On the day of the event, Kuaishou announced that the KSG team officially entered Suzhou, and Suzhou will become the home of the King of Glory KSG team and won the city's title at the same time. The club said that this will be of great significance to the promotion of its e-sports brand power and the regularization of operations. Kuaishou will also help the e-sports industry develop better and faster in Suzhou.

路 FIFA is optimistic about the development of football games and e-sports, and will launch more licensed works 路On October 19th, FIFA said on its official website recently that it will adopt a new commercial positioning in the field of games and e-sports to ensure that decisions are made in favor of the football industry.

FIFA is optimistic about the future of football games and football esports, but believes that the field "needs to have a hundred flowers bloom" rather than being dominated by a single party. Tech and mobile phone companies are "actively competing" for opportunities to partner with FIFA, its platforms and global competitions.路 China's e-sports market revenue ranks first in the world for three consecutive years 路

Recently, the research agency Omdia released the global e-sports market revenue statistics and forecast report. The data shows that the position of the world's highest-income e-sports market has changed hands, from the US market to the Chinese market. South Korea, Germany and the United Kingdom ranked third, fourth and fifth respectively.In addition, Omdia also released an ecological forecast for the e-sports industry up to 2025. In 2020, the top five countries will account for 73% of global e-sports revenue. This share is expected to drop to 69% by 2025, with lower-ranking countries also gradually increasing their market share in the esports industry due to the popularity of high-speed internet.

路 The global e-sports audience will reach 519 million in 2024 路Recently, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and market research company Interpret jointly released a report that by 2024, the number of global e-sports viewers is expected to grow to 519 million. According to CTA estimates, the number of global esports viewers was around 300 million last year. From 2020 to 2024, the number of e-sports viewers in the United States is expected to reach 48 million, an increase of 129%. France, Germany and the United Kingdom are expected to reach 32 million esports viewers, an increase of 78%. During the same time period, the number of global e-sports fans (e-sports enthusiasts who have participated in offline activities or events) will increase from 121 million to 266 million.

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