Reporter: The La Liga duo has a total debt of 2 billion euros and Barcelona will have a debt of 700 million euros due this year|big cash game hack-tiger vs dragon game real cash

Reporter: The La Liga duo has a total debt of 2 billion euros and Barcelona will have a debt of 700 million euros due this year

Mourinho is disappointed in the draw with Norwich: We played well but gained little

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Norwich are currently at the bottom of the Premier League table, and this game would have been a good opportunity for Tottenham to continue chasing the team in front of them with points. But in the 18th minute, Tottenham's 21-year-old young defender Foyce was stole from midfield when he dribbled the ball. Norwich player Francic broke through after getting the ball and scored a goal from the penalty area line. Tottenham 0- 1 behind.Eriksen then took a free kick to tie the game, but Tottenham's defense made another mistake in the 61st minute. At that time, Norwich passed the ball directly. Striker Pukki dribbled the ball in the penalty area. Tottenham defender Alderweireld stretched his foot to make a clearance, but happened to kick the ball on his teammate Aurier. The football then rebounded and scored. , and the Tottenham goalkeeper Gazzaniga, who has made a save, has nothing to do with this own goal.

Tottenham coach Mourinho said after the game, "I think we made a defensive mistake in the first half and made the same defensive mistake in the second half, which is almost a part of our history. We started very well, There were three or four good chances in the first half and two very bad goals."Mourinho stressed, "We have defensive mistakes in game after game. I still have a lot of work to do, but it's difficult because I always say you have to try to cover up your weaknesses. Too many individual mistakes. , it's frustrating because we played well overall. Norwich have been defending hard but we have to try to avoid mistakes like that."

In this game, Tottenham's possession rate was 59%. The team shot 15 times, 7 of which were on target, while the Norwich team only had 5 shots and 2 on target. But the final score was 2-2, and both Norwich's goals were related to Tottenham's own player errors. After Mourinho took office, Tottenham has conceded 16 goals in 9 games. Obviously, he must solve the team's defensive problems before he is expected to lead the team to achieve better results.If you want to know more information about "Mouslin's self-deprecating Tottenham daily throwing two goals and criticizing the defense: always making the same mistakes!", please continue to pay attention to the technology information column, the editor will continue to update you with more technology News.

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