Genius effect? West Ham scored 4 goals + clean sheets for the first time since 2007|online real cash game app-tiger vs dragon game real cash

Genius effect? West Ham scored 4 goals + clean sheets for the first time since 2007

We believe that at this meeting, the Spanish Supreme Sports Council will block the approval of what we consider a blatantly illegal project like the "La Liga Promotion Project".

If the project is approved, then we will proceed to the judicial process of Spanish football. But after convening a meeting, Spain's Supreme Sports Council informed us that they had no authority to rule on the "La Liga Promotion Project" and its legality, and told us to go to the ordinary courts to prosecute.In this context, Athletic Bilbao, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, after consultation with the President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, have reached a common position:

a) We understand that the meeting convened today by the Spanish Supreme Sports Council is postponed as long as the Spanish Supreme Sports Council (i) has had the opportunity to properly assess the flagrant violations of the La Liga Promotion Project and (ii) within its power to exercise oversight functional powers;b) We regret that the Spanish Professional Football League continues to push for the approval of a project that we consider blatantly illegal and seriously undermines the interests of all Spanish football, established by expropriating the broadcast rights of every club that may participate in La Liga for the next 50 years Yes, these rights belong to the clubs, not the Spanish Professional Football League, not to mention the current situation where clubs are affected by the epidemic, financially weak and uncertain. If the project is approved, we will resort to appropriate legal action;

c) We reiterate our willingness to participate in as many meetings as possible, as long as the goal of these meetings is to evaluate solutions that respect our legal system in all extreme cases, in order to reach a consensus, in this environment Spanish football urgently needs an open dialogue.The civil aviation department has formulated a "package" plan for temporary flights during the game. At present, a number of Chinese and foreign airlines have been confirmed to operate temporary flights between Beijing and 15 cities during the competition. The civil aviation department is still coordinating other transit airports and airlines to open additional temporary flights for the Winter Olympics, and encourages Olympic-related groups to organize charter flights for entry and exit, supplemented by commercial flights, which can meet the diverse flight needs of various stakeholders.

In addition, Zhang Liang also said that the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee actively participated in the formulation of the epidemic prevention manual, and also tested it during the test competition guarantee process. Strengthen remote prevention and control before entering China. Olympic-related personnel will conduct daily health monitoring 14 days before coming to China, and complete full-course vaccination 14 days before coming to China. Two nucleic acid tests are required 96 hours before the flight takes off, and the green code is required to board the plane. After arriving at the Capital International Airport, you need to complete the customs health declaration verification and temperature monitoring, and complete the nucleic acid sampling test.At the same time, a special entry and exit channel and a special area for the Winter Olympics have been set up at the airport to jointly build a closed-loop management mechanism and realize the seamless connection of the whole process of epidemic prevention and control. Actively and steadily do a good job in the transfer of Olympic-related personnel, arrange the flow of people, logistics, and vehicles in an orderly manner, and transfer them to the designated accommodation in a closed-loop to ensure the safe arrival and departure of Olympic-related personnel.

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