It is revealed that Teixeira will sign a 4-year contract with a total price of 80 million euros if naturalized in China|cash game app-tiger vs dragon game real cash

It is revealed that Teixeira will sign a 4-year contract with a total price of 80 million euros if naturalized in China

In the stoppage time, Rodrigo scored a low shot into the penalty area, successfully put on a cap, and the score reached 6-0!

In the end, Real Madrid defeated Galatasaray 6-0 at home, achieving a double play in two rounds! And after winning this life-and-death battle, Real Madrid scored 7 points in 4 rounds and ranked second in the group. In the last 2 rounds, they will host Paris, which has been promoted in advance, and challenge Bruges away, and the qualifying situation has become very good. .For 銆?-0, double play! The 18-year-old guy made 4 goals and wore a hat, Real Madrid ranked second with 7 points and finally survived. For more information, please continue to pay attention to the sports comprehensive column, the editor will continue to update you with more sports news.

In the early morning of November 7th, Beijing time, a big upset broke out in the fourth round of Group D of the 2019-20 Champions League. La Liga giants Atletico Madrid suffered their first defeat in the Champions League this season as they lost to the Bundesliga team Bayer Leverkusen, which had lost three straight. In the whole game, Atletico Madrid can be described as "unfavorable from time to time", Thomas scored an own goal in the first half, Morata's goal was blown in the second half, and Atletico Madrid took the last shot after pulling back a goal in injury time. It was miraculously saved by the opponent's goalkeeper Hradecki. In the end, Simeone's team had no choice but to accept the 1-2 defeat.This season, Atletico Madrid's performance in the league is quite satisfactory, with 6 draws after 12 games, and currently only ranked 4th in the standings. However, in the UEFA Champions League, the Sheets Legion had performed quite bravely. In the first 3 rounds of the group stage, Atletico Madrid and Juventus both achieved an unbeaten record of 2 wins and 1 draw, ranking the top 2 in the group with 7 points. In this campaign, their opponent Bayer Leverkusen lost all three games and scored six goals. The two sides met for the first time at the Wanda Metropolitano two weeks ago, when Atletico Madrid won 1-0.

According to the pre-match points situation, As long as Atletico Madrid wins this campaign, they will be able to qualify for the group in advance, so today's game Simeone also sent the strongest lineup to play: Morata and Costa on the striker; Saul and Koke are in the center On the field, Hermoso and Felipe formed a double central defender on the defensive line; Felix and Jimenez were unable to play with the team due to injury.After the opening, Leverkusen, who played at home, played quite tenaciously. Compared with the previous three games, they were almost two different teams. In the 40th minute, Leverkusen won consecutive corner kicks. In a clearance, Thomas of Atletico Madrid made a mistake in his busy schedule and made a ghostly push the ball to his own door, which broke the balance on the field.

In the 55th minute of the second half, Leverkusen captain Woland entered the penalty area and broke the net with a low shot, making the score 2-0. Atletico Madrid, who were two goals behind, began to counterattack frantically. Simeone made continuous substitution adjustments. In the 75th minute, Morata pushed in front of the goal and scored, but the linesman immediately ruled that it was offside and the goal was invalid.In the 83rd minute, the situation on the field changed. Leverkusen player Amiri received a red card and was sent off. Atletico Madrid's attack, who played one more player, became even more crazy. Finally, in the 3rd minute of stoppage time, Thomas made up for his credit and assisted Morata to score, and the score came 1-2, but there is not much time left for Atletico Madrid at the moment.

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