Guangzhou Evergrande's industrial and commercial application to change its name to "Guangzhou Team" was approved|real cash online game-tiger vs dragon game real cash

Guangzhou Evergrande's industrial and commercial application to change its name to "Guangzhou Team" was approved

For more information on [coaching the national football team for 37 games, Lippi earns an astonishing average per game, enough to build 10 standard stadiums], please continue to pay attention to the comprehensive sports column, and the editor will continue to update you with more sports news.

鈿斤笍In the early hours of this morning, a European Cup qualifier Group J game was played in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Italian team played their last away game in the qualifiers. Before this game, the Italian team, which had won 8 consecutive victories, had already obtained the right to qualify in advance. They easily challenged and won the away game 3-0. A team that has won 9 games, and also broke a team record that has been in the dust for 80 years.鈿斤笍 Counting the previous games, Mancini has led the Italian team, which had previously been a bit sluggish, to achieve a record of ten consecutive victories in international competitions this year, breaking the team history record of 9 consecutive victories set by then coach Vittorio Pozzo in 1939 . With the best record in team history in 80 years, this seemingly bleak Italian team seems to be infused with magic. Although Finland, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina and other opponents in this group are not strong teams, the continuous and stable performance of the Italian team is equally important, and a batch of new talents has been trained through the selection of the national team that has not yet entered the qualifiers.

鈿斤笍Central defender Archerbi from Lazio opened the scoring in the 20th minute. After he got the ball in the penalty area, he calmly passed the opposing defender and shot vigorously, completing the first goal of the national team. In this game, Archerby also performed well on the defensive end, with an overall rating of 9.1 points, making him the most valuable player in this game.鈿斤笍Bosnia and Herzegovina captain Dzeko was guarded to death in this game and did not get too many threatening attacking opportunities. Although Bosnia and Herzegovina shot slightly more than the Italian team in the whole game, compared with the offensive quality, the Italian team completely defeated the opponent, so they easily won the game. At the last moment of the game, Mancini also replaced Donnarumma, allowing Atlanta goalkeeper Greeni to complete his national team debut.

鈿斤笍In 37 minutes, Insigne extended the score to 2-0. His goal benefited from striker Belotti's breakthrough and good pass. It was just the right opportunity and Insigne did not waste it. Belotti alone attracted the attention of the three defenders, made a good pass in the dense crowd, and Insigne stopped the ball in front of the goal and turned to shoot the ball into the dead corner. The score in the first half has basically ensured the victory of the Italian team, because Italy only conceded 3 goals in the first 8 games, making it the most difficult team to break the goal in the qualifiers.鈿斤笍Of course, Mancini's defensive work is just an Italian heirloom. After the striker Belotti completed an assist, he had another shot in front of the goal in the first half, but unfortunately it was resolved by the goalkeeper of Bosnia and Herzegovina. But shortly after the start of the second half, Belotti volleyed vigorously on a counterattack and completed an extremely wonderful long-range shot from outside the penalty area. The Italian team completely killed the game 3-0.

鈿斤笍In the whole game, the Italian team had 14 shots and 8 shots in the threshold range, which was very efficient. The 9-game winning streak in the qualifiers and the 10-game winning streak of the national team have set a team record. In addition, since the last round of the Italian team will be at home against the weak team Armenia, Mancini will have a high probability to create a 10-game winning streak in the European Cup qualifying team history record. I don't know whether the smooth flow of this qualifier can bring good luck to the Italian team in the European Cup finals next year, but breaking the record is just like Mancini himself said, you can't be happy!For more information on 銆?0 consecutive victories from the green and yellow, Mancini's magic helped the Azzurri set a new record in the 80-year team history銆? please continue to pay attention to the sports comprehensive column, the editor will continue to update you with more sports news.

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