Mourning! Former Beijing Shougang men's basketball player Han Chongkai died of illness and won the CBA championship at the age of 30|puff play cash game-tiger vs dragon game real cash

Mourning! Former Beijing Shougang men's basketball player Han Chongkai died of illness and won the CBA championship at the age of 30

Sun Liang, who began to love Luneng Taishan in 2004, began his collection journey in 2013. Since then, he has collected 77 Luneng jerseys, 90% of which are off-court jerseys worn by players. "In the beginning, I wanted to collect Luneng's home jersey, but later I couldn't play it anymore," Sun Liang said.

Online shopping is the main way for Sun Liang to collect jerseys. Unlike the jerseys sold on the market, the number of off-the-field jerseys is small, the sellers ask for high prices and the sales intention is not obvious. For this reason, Sun Liang often fights protracted battles.Sun Liang said: "My favorite jersey is the Luneng home jersey worn by Li Jinyu in the 2006 season. Luneng had an excellent record that year. The jersey style is very classic but the stock is very small. Once, I learned through the Internet that there was a seller. If I wanted to sell this jersey, I got in touch with him, but the other party hesitated. In the end, it took me more than a year to reach an agreement with him, and this jersey cost me more than 2,900 yuan." Except for this jersey In addition, Sun Liang has a lot of "protracted" experience, often spending about half a year to buy a jersey.

And unlike normal online shopping channels, buying such collectible jerseys often requires payment first. Regarding the question of whether to be afraid of receiving fakes, Sun Liang said that he had hesitated, but at the moment of receiving the jersey, all the The apprehension and doubts were forgotten. "Actually, I don't have a very professional way to identify jerseys. I just compare them with my previous collection. Fortunately, the ones I have received are basically genuine ones." Sun Liang said.Although buying jerseys at a high price satisfies his love for the team, it is not necessarily a way that everyone can accept. Sun Liang sometimes "concealed" the price to his family, thereby reducing his family's opposition. After so many years, The family also slowly accepted Sun Liang's hobby and supported Shandong Luneng together with Sun Liang.

The name of Sun Liang's daughter is related to Luneng. "Before the child was born, our family discussed it together, because I prefer girls, so if it is a girl's name, I will name it. My name was 'Sun Xiaoyucheng', among which It includes my favorite players Li Xiaopeng, Li Jinyu and Luneng's representative color orange. Later, the family thought the name was too awkward, so they simplified it to "Sun Yucheng"." Now the daughter is 4 years old, although she is fond of her father's hobbies. I still can't fully understand it, but the little guy is also very happy to "dry jerseys" and take pictures with his father on the court."After the child is born, our family of three will take family portraits every year. At this time, we will wear Luneng's jerseys (fans, collections are not easy to wear) to record the changes in our family every year."

However, with the increase of collections, Sun Liang also sighed that jersey acquisition is not as easy as before, "Now the management is strict, and fans are paying more and more attention, I hope to collect a meaningful jersey every season in the future. ." Sun Liang said.If you want to know more information about "Luneng "Jersey Brother": 77 pieces of off-the-spot version for 1 year to buy a grinder and seller", please continue to pay attention to the sports information column, the editor will continue to update you with more sports news.

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