Two Barcelona coaching staff diagnosed with new crown pneumonia team will undergo nucleic acid testing|real cash pool game-tiger vs dragon game real cash

Two Barcelona coaching staff diagnosed with new crown pneumonia team will undergo nucleic acid testing

Hello everyone, this is the editor who suddenly became arrogant after finding the latest news. The weather is good today, and it's a good time to read the latest news and relax. Messi spends 4 million to win Ronaldinho? Fake news According to Brazilian media reports, Brazilian star Ronaldinho is willing to pay $1.6 million to get himself bail and be released from a prison in Paraguay, but he has not been able to get bail. This news confirms one thing. First, Ronaldinho still has financial resources, and it also indirectly proves that it is untrue news that Messi wants to pay 4 million euros to fish out Ronaldinho.

Because of the fake passport incident, Ronaldinho is likely to have to spend 6 months in prison in Paraguay. Earlier, some media reported that Ronaldinho's former younger brother Messi was going to fish him out of prison. However, the media that reported the incident were all small online media or self-media, and the mainstream media in Spain, Argentina and Brazil did not report the news. According to these media, Messi is willing to pay 4 million euros to save Ronaldinho. At the same time, he will let his team of lawyers serve Ronaldinho.But this is clearly fake news. Spain's "Daily Sport" pointed out in the latest report that this is pure fake news. The newspaper contacted people close to Messi, who revealed that Messi regrets Ronaldinho's personal situation, but he has no financial or legal idea to help Ronaldinho out of prison. He will not come up with 4 million euros, nor will he let his team of lawyers serve Ronaldinho.

"Daily Sports" also revealed that Messi is very annoyed by the fake news that appears in the media, and his team believes that such fake news is meaningless.There are indeed a lot of unreasonable things about the fake news fabricated by the media before Messi and Ronaldinho. For example, Ronaldinho was arrested for holding a false passport, and Paraguay has made a decision not to allow Ronaldinho to be released on bail. This problem is difficult to solve with money.

According to Brazilian media UOL, they obtained information from relevant sources that although Ronaldinho鈥檚 lawyers raised the security deposit from $800,000 to $1.6 million, including a mansion worth $800,000 in Paraguay, their The bail request was rejected by a Paraguayan court.After multiple complaints were dismissed, the team of lawyers hired by the Ronaldinho brothers is preparing a new plan, and next week may become a critical stage. Because the head of a company that organized Ronaldinho's trip to Paraguay will appear in court for questioning.

Ronaldinho is involved in a serial case. He held a fake passport because his passport was confiscated, and his passport was confiscated because he illegally built a yacht marina and fishing platform in his hometown of Porto Alegre without an environmental permit. Ronaldinho was fined 8.5 million reais (about 17 million yuan) for environmental protection, but he has not paid the fine, so Ronaldinho's 57 properties have been seized by the Brazilian judicial department. Ronaldinho will not be able to get his passport back until his case is resolved. Ronaldinho has a series of complex problems to solve.But Ronaldinho still has enough financial resources. His 57 houses have just been sealed, and there is still a chance to return to his name in the future. In addition, Ronaldinho has a strong ability to make money. His business activities have been continuous and he is still endorsing many brands. He also has a team of lawyers himself, without Messi's help. In addition, Paraguay's fussing has caused public anger, and the future situation may develop in Ronaldinho's favor.

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