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Sky Sports Chelsea Team of the Decade: Drogba and Costa

For more information on "Savic: Manchester United should keep Pogba, then sign Koulibaly, Sancho and other four", please continue to pay attention to the sports information column, the editor will continue to provide You update more sports information.

Hello everyone, today is the editor who has no one to pay attention to and endures loneliness to give you information. The editor took a long time to organize and bring you this article. Now let's go eat melon and watch. On March 6th, the FA Cup 1/8 final, Tottenham lost to Norwich with a total score of 3-4 on penalties and missed the top 8. According to the "Daily Mail", Mourinho chose to avoid watching during the penalty shootout.The fans on the scene took a picture. During the penalty shootout, Mourinho did not go to the sidelines, but sat alone on the stool on the bench. Even though there was a device at hand to broadcast the real-time picture, Mourinho did not watch it. After the penalty kick, he walked into the tunnel.

Mourinho has lost all of his seven penalty shootouts in charge of England (5 for Chelsea, 1 for Manchester United, 1 for Tottenham). Perhaps under heavy pressure, the Portuguese chose to face it in a calm way.At the press conference, Mourinho talked about the topic of Parrot's missed penalty. He said: "There is nothing wrong with missing a penalty. Parrot is a penalty taker in the U23 team. This experience has affected him. Words are valuable experience. Anyone can miss a penalty, it's not the end of the world."

Want to know more about "Too Nervous or Bearish?" For more information about the penalty shootout, Mourinho sat on the bench alone and did not watch the whole process", please continue to pay attention to the sports information column, the editor will continue to update you with more sports information.Information does not stay overnight, here is the editor to bring you the latest news. The editor took a long time to organize and bring you this article. March 3 is the moment that determines the fate of Tianhai in the eyes of the outside world. The reason is that at the end of the Kunming training, Coach Lu did not announce the return time in the first time, but under pressure from the outside world, the time node of the 3rd was determined. . In the end, Tianhai concentrated on time and sent a positive signal to the outside world, but he never thought that two days later, Tianhai announced the transfer of "0", announcing the end of Quanjian's time.

In fact, recently, there have been constant rumors about Tianhai, and even if the team is closed on time, they are also facing various troubles. Although the players in the team always have the courage to overcome adversity, the reality is extremely cruel. In fact, this Tianhai concentration is a decision made by the coaching staff. First, the club needs to show an attitude to the outside world. At the same time, even if there is still the possibility of losing players in the team in the future, at least at this stage, it needs to maintain the state through training. But from the club's point of view, it has never been able to pay attention, just take a step by step.In the training session on March 4, the coaching staff immediately communicated the reason for the lack of wages to the entire team. The club originally planned to make up their salaries at the beginning of this month, but in the end only a very small number of people received their January wages. The reason is that the former coach Paul Sosa brought Tianhai to court, which led to the suspension of the club's account. A long time ago, the media exposed the huge debt that Tianhai took on. From Cannavaro to Modeste, from Paul Sosa to Cui Kangxi, a series of "unexpected" made Tianhai an alternative existence. The sentence in the transfer announcement, "The specific creditor's rights, debts and other details are negotiable", obviously means that although the club's shares are transferred at 0 yuan, the previous creditor's rights and debts basically tend to require new investors to bear. The "heaviest debt" currently carried by the Tianhai Club is the compensation for the loss of Paul Sosa and Modest, which is "hundreds of millions".

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