FIFA and six continental football federations joint statement: the European Super League will not be recognized|game for real cash-tiger vs dragon game real cash

FIFA and six continental football federations joint statement: the European Super League will not be recognized

Regarding Yoshiro Mori's speech, Yamashita emphasized his previous view that "it violates the basic spirit of the Olympics that does not allow any kind of discrimination, and is extremely inappropriate." However, it said that it had apologized and withdrawn the statement, "there is no need to talk about it again."

Yoshiro Mori's remarks caused not only the withdrawal of volunteers, but also the severe opinions of the sponsors. Yamashita pointed out, "It's a pity that such a voice appears, but I think it should be understood."Amid the growing denial of hosting the Olympics, Yamashita revealed that he is soliciting opinions from players on the current situation through the JOC's Athlete Committee.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) issued a statement on the 9th, pointing out that Yoshiro Mori (83), the chairman of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee, made a statement of contempt for women "totally inappropriate". In a statement on the 4th, IOC stated that "Chairman Mori has apologized, and we believe that the problem has been resolved" and did not pursue any investigations. However, in view of public opinion, players and sponsors, IOC had to work hard to calm the situation.The IOC also did not mention the issue of Yoshiro Mori's departure or stay in the new opinion with a clear position, but only stated that "(social) unity, diversity, gender equality are indispensable elements of IOC activities, and Chairman Mori's recent remarks violated the IOC. commitments and the Olympic 2020 Agenda (as a guideline for reform)鈥?

Yoshiro Mori said at the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) interim meeting on the 3rd that "a council with many women joining is very time-consuming", and also said that the female directors of the Olympic Organizing Committee are "very sensible" and so on. He withdrew his statement on the 4th and apologized, but about 390 Olympic volunteers withdrew within five days after the statement. The IOC stressed that "the Olympic Organizing Committee also felt that the statement was inappropriate and reaffirmed its responsibility to promote gender-neutral participation".The statement also mentioned that the basic principles of the Olympic Charter emphasize the elimination of discrimination against different races, genders, sexual orientations, etc., saying that "we will make every effort to encourage and support women's participation in sports as a mission."

The Liaoning Provincial Sports Bureau and the Liaoning Provincial Department of Education jointly issued the "Implementation Opinions on the Integration of Sports and Education to Revitalize and Develop Liaoning's "Three Balls" on the 9th.It is understood that the implementation opinions are formulated based on the glorious history of Liaoning's "three major balls", a solid talent base, perfect venues and facilities, and a strong campus sports and cultural atmosphere. It mainly includes four parts: the first is the guiding ideology, which mainly expounds the revitalization and development of the "three major balls" with Liaoning characteristics based on the advantages of Liaoning; the second is the main goal, mainly for the five and 15 years of development The plan proposes specific goals; the third is key measures, which mainly proposes 19 specific measures in 7 aspects such as promoting the integration of sports and education; the fourth is safeguard measures, mainly emphasizing the need to strengthen the organizational leadership and policies for the revitalization and development of the "Three Big Balls" Guarantee, etc.

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