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Suning Sports and Adidas launch first cooperative direct store

TGA Tencent E-sports Games Organizing Committee

June 2, 2021Attachment 1: Relevant terms of the "2021 Tencent E-Sports Games Provincial Team Competition Manual"

Article 12 Code of Professionalism12.1.1.1 Collusion

1) Collusion in the game, that is, two or more team members agree not to use props to attack, defend, support in the game, or not to compete with reasonable standards in the game.2) Arrange in advance to split bonuses and/or any other form of remuneration. Competitive EquityAny team should always uphold good sportsmanship in the game of the provincial team competition, participate in the competition with all their strength, always maintain honesty, and ensure that the principle of fair game is not violated. To be clear, team lineups and pick/ban phases are not taken into account when determining whether this rule is violated.

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